2013worldsspeedo Katie Ledecky
Courtesy of: Joan Marc Bosch
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, September 24. THE most frequently asked question the coach of a top-level athlete gets from other coaches is likely: "What kind of sets do you give your swimmers?"

Bruce Gemmell spent nearly 10 minutes discussing that very topic during his talk at the recent American Swim Coaches Association's world clinic, and we present that today in the second of four parts of his lecture.

Click here to watch Part 1.

With every new slide that appeared with a set that Katie Ledecky did on the road to breaking world records at the world championships, more than a dozen camera phones clicked photos of those workouts. Gemmell talks about the long test sets she did, including the 5000-yard swim for time that resulted in a battle with a male teammate.

Tomorrow: Setting goals on the road to Barcelona.

If you liked this lead-in, ASCA will soon have posted on its "ASCA TV" channel the entire 60 minute presentation at a small fee. Check swimmingcoach.org for more information.