Latest Update on Coach George Haines' Recovery -- August 21, 2001

(This is the latest in a series of updates on coach George Haines' recovery from a stroke he suffered one month ago. It is written by his daughter, Kerry Haines Derr.)
Hello well wishers!!

Good news to report this week. Dad has moved to a full rehab. facility. We are very pleased with this move. He moved Friday morning.

Mom and sister Jody drove him to the new facility after the nurses helped him into the car. Dad was very aware of what was happening and after Jody went through a yellow light, he gave her the business!! At stop signs he was "counting" to three, to make sure she did a full stop!! Even with limited speech, he is in control!!!

Last Sunday, Dad could walk the length of the parallel bars with one sit down midway. By Wednesday, he could do three lengths with turns and no sit down!!

He has added more exercises to his routine, now in a sitting position, a ball is held in front of his right leg and he has to kick it. He can do it himself... if you think about the exercise, you can see how this relates to learning to walk again... working on that weak right side.

The last few workouts before the move were very strenuous and we had to break out the pain pills. Funny thing, the therapists move straight to the exercises without stretching and loosening Dad up... we have now changed that!!!

While the right leg is starting to improve, the right arm is still not working. That said, we think he is starting to get some feeling in it as he is much more aware of it and takes care to get it close to his body. There was swelling in the fingers and now that is starting to dissipate, so we suspect that his arm will improve too.

We expect that Dad will be in the rehab. facility for 3 weeks (and then home). He has physical, speech, and occupational therapy in the morning, breaks for lunch and a rest, and then has another round of therapy in the afternoon. Twice a day work outs!!! This is Monday-Saturday routine and then they get Sunday to rest... sound familiar??

Speech therapy is not his favorite session. It is hard to sit and have your lack of basic skills thrown up in your face. He usually greets the therapist with an "Oh .......!" (select your own word and it probably
has been uttered!!) He is matching words to pictures. He has to select the correct picture (of 2-3) and place the word card with it. He is also working on singing Happy Birthday, using his name. Singing is on the opposite side of the brain from speech.. think Mel Tillis (sorry to the youngsters reading this, but he sang wonderfully but couldn't speak without stuttering).

There is improvement in language but the deficit is great. We have faith, though.

We have had a few visitors to the web site. Thanks to Creaghe Gordon for adding pictures... we have found others to add. Please feel free to add your
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Dad has been voted into the Bay Area Sport Hall of Fame. The induction ceremonies will be held March 14. We have a good 6 months to see if Dad can make an appearance there. As time goes on, we will know better. He was pleased when I told him of the honor. I am looking for a good "head shot" photo of Dad in his prime, let me know if you have one to share..

Peter Carter are you out there? What's in your archives???

That's it for this week. Until next time!