Day 4: Phillips 66 National Championships -- July 29, 1997

Men's 400m freestyle:
Chad Carvin edged out 1996 Olympian John Piersma, 3:50.13 to 3:50.49. It looks like Carvin has put his disappointment of not competing at the 1996 Olympic Trials behind him.

Women's 200m breaststroke:
No...Amanda Beard didn't win this event. She finished 5th and didn't qualify for the 1998 World Championships.

This event was won by 15-year-old Jenna Street of Bolles. Yes, Jenna Street! She just touched out Kristy Kowal, who won the 100 breast earlier in the meet, by 6/100 of a second. Their times were 2:28.97 and 2:29.03, respectively.

Men's 100m backstroke:
Lenny Krayzelburg of the Trojan Swim Club defended his 100m backstroke title with his victory over Neil Walker of Verona Aquatics.

Krayzelburg's time of 54.69 broke 1996 Olympic gold medalist Jeff Rouse's, World Championship Trials record, set in 1994.

Walker, the current U.S. Open record holder in the 100 yard backstroke, qualified for the World Championships in his 2nd individual event.

Women's 100m butterfly:
Misty Hyman, with her revolutionary fish-kick, won this event with a 59.49. She swam an even faster 58.72 in the prelims, breaking Mary T. Meagher's World Championship Trials record.

5-time Olympic gold medalist Jenny Thompson finished second with a time of 59.68 (59.33p).