Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace Lowers U.S. Open, NCAA Record in 100 Free; Matches Time in Finals - Updated -- February 19, 2011

GAINESVILLE, Florida, February 19. DURING prelims of today's Southeastern Conference Championships being held in Gainesville, Fla., Auburn's Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace shocked the crowd with a U.S. Open and NCAA record in the women's 100-yard free.

Vanderpool-Wallace, who hails from Nassau, Bahamas, ripped off a sparkling time of 46.81. That swim not only beat Natalie Coughlin's NCAA record of 47.00 set for California back in 2003, but also downed Coughlin's U.S. Open mark of 46.85 clocked in 2007.

=== Preliminaries ===

1 Arianna Vanderp JR Auburn 47.44 46.81AA
22.35 46.81 (24.46)

She proved during finals that the time wasn't a fluke as she matched her U.S. Open and NCAA record with another 46.81.

=== A - Final ===

1 Arianna Vanderp JR Auburn 46.81 46.81AA 20
22.51 46.81 (24.30)

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February 19, 2011 What a great swim! I wonder how much faster she will go at NCAA.
Submitted by: FluxNutrition
February 19, 2011 I am waiting for someone to make the statement: "She wasn't shaved or tapered, she will be MUCH faster at NC's!" That's always the comment when someone has a great swim...
Submitted by: Globalswim
February 19, 2011 great swim by Vanderpool-Wallace. i believe she won a medal in Dubai so it's great she's keeping up this momentum. no doubt she will swim faster at NCAAs!
Submitted by: philipmj24
February 19, 2011 She was 3rd in the 50M free in Dubai. Always nice to see African-American and Afro-Caribbean swimmers do well in the sport.
Submitted by: selkie
February 19, 2011 Is she the first woman of color that holds a US Open record in history? Could be......Just sayin'
Submitted by: WEK5000
February 19, 2011 Maritza Correia gets credit for being part of a previous US Open
Submitted by: selkie
February 19, 2011 and world record in the 400 MR in 2000 (one of the years NCAAs was SCM) and also held the AR/Us Open record in the 50 yard free.
Submitted by: selkie
February 19, 2011 Globalswim:

You are amazingly prescient!

I'm here on the deck @ the 'Connell Center pool in Gainesville and I can PERSONALLY attest to the fact that not only is Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace NOT shaved, tapered and/or rested but she also is wearing full combat gear, including a bullet-proof helmet, night-vision goggles and an Abrams tank on her back in lieu of the usual M-16 rifle.

"Just to equalize the comepetition," says Aubun head coach Brett Hawke.

However, Coach Hawke assure me that "come NCAAs, she'll definitely take off the army boots, for sure!"

As to whether she is first woman of color to set a U.S. Open/American and/or NCAA record, I'm tempted to say that honor belongs to former Georgiai star Maritza Correia, who I believe may have won an NCAA sprint title or two in late '90s-early '00s when 'Dem Dawgs wuz threepeatin' as NCAA team champs from '99 through '01.

Vanderpool-Wallace is Auburns'n FIRST woman sprint gold-medalist and Auburn is now first university to have two swimmers holding both 100 free records (m/w) simultaneously -- again either U.S. Open/American and/or NCAA.

Cesar Cielo on men's side (still U.S. Open/NCAA record-holder in 50-100 frees), and Vanderpool-Wallace in the 100 here.

I wouldn't bet against her going faster in both @ NCAAs either!

I'd say first black NCAA gold-medalist period is likely Florida's Anthony Nesty, now a Gator associate head coach, who won three NCAA 100 fly crowns from 1990 through '92 and an NCAA 200 fly title his sophomrore season.

He was also 100 fly Olympic gold-medalist @ Seoul, beating out -- what's that guy's name again? -- oh, yeah, Batt Miondi, by .01!

Nesty never set a U.S. Open and/or NCAA record as his 100 fly pr was 46.62 and @ that time the U.S. Open/American/NCAA record belonged to Stanford's Pablo Morales, who had swum a 46.52 a few moons earlier.

I have a general question:

In the prelims tonite Vanderpool-Wallce went out in 22.35 for her initial 50 and @ nite swam a 22.52. That 22.3 is faster than Natalie Coughlin's 22.44, which she swam en route to her AR 46.85, and I've always thought that opening split was fastest all-time.

However, I also have a 21.86 50 split for Amanda Weir en route to her 47.15 100 free pr @ the U.S. Nationals in Atlanta three years ago -- which if legit is fastest all-time.

That split strikes me as inordinately fast and I am wondering if it is not actually a 22.86, which seems a bit more plausible.

Submitted by: slickwillie32
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Auburn's Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace screams after setting an NCAA record
in the 100 yard freestyle prelim on Saturday.
Auburn Swimming SEC Championship on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 in
Gainesville, FL. Swim Day 4
Courtesy of: Todd Van Emst, Auburn Athletics


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