Industry Insider, Oct. 29, 2010: Finis Foil Monofin -- October 29, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 29. INDUSTRY Insider's Tiffany Elias goes below the surface to cover a product that has not yet reached the market, the Finis Foil Monofin. Tim Elson, the Vice President of Finis, explains exactly why this new model will become popular on the pool deck.

The Foil is the first Finis monofin that is 100 percent rubber. The stretchy straps make it easier for the athletes to put on the fin when they only have a few seconds to spare. Another main point that Tim emphasizes is affordability. Although the Foil has not been released, it is anticipated to be under half the price of the infamous Shooter Monofin also made by Finis. While some coaches in the past may have only been able to budget for handful of monofins, they can now triple their stock.

Underwater superstar Misty Hyman and her coach Bob Gillette have worked closely with the Finis Monofin line and attribute her underwater success to this special piece of equipment. Powerful underwater dolphin kicking can be a huge advantage in racing. The affordability, convenience and strategic design of the Foil is sure to help improve your speed.

To stay informed on the release of the Foil or learn more about other Finis products, check out their web site.

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