U.S. Junior Long Course Nationals: Vlad Morozov Smokes Meet Record in 50 Free -- August 13, 2010

IRVINE, California, August 13. THE final evening of the U.S. Junior Long Course Nationals came to a close with Swim Torrance's Vlad Morozov twice lowering the meet record in the men's splash-and-dash.

Morozov twice lowered the meet record in the men's 50 free. First, he clocked a 22.23 in prelims this morning, before returning this evening with a splendid time of 22.13. Cypress Fairbank's Charles Moore took second in 23.01, while City of Plano's Seth Stubblefield earned third place overall in 23.07.

Palo Alto Stanford's Jasmine Tosky claimed yet another title with a time of 2:13.02 in the women's 200 IM. That performance just missed the meet record of 2:12.73 set by Missy Franklin last year. Lancaster's Emily Cameron finished second in 2:15.93, while Rattler's Meghan Hawthorne placed third in 2:16.13. Pleasanton's Celina Li also cleared 2:17 with a fourth-place time of 2:16.96.

Clayton's Evan Noble topped the men's 200 IM with a time of 2:04.15, while YMCA Westside's Tyler Messerschmidt placed second in 2:04.84. Peddie's Connor Signorin wound up taking third with a time of 2:05.49.

Palo Alto Stanford's Maddy Schaefer raced to victory in the women's 50 free with a time of 25.37, while AGUA's Lia Neal took second in the splash and dash with a 25.64. Tosky picked up her second podium of the night with a third-place time of 25.96.

Fox Chapel's Rachel Zilinskas won the women's 1500 free with a time of 16:37.96, while Parkland's Gillian Ryan finished second with a time of 16:39.66. Sarasota Y's Danielle Valley completed the top three with a time of 16:40.50.

Sarasota Y's Nicholas Caldwell completed a strong meet with a triumphant time of 8:06.01 in the men's 800 free. Metro's Carlos Omana took second in 8:09.63, while The Woodlands' Ediz Yildirimer placed third in 8:09.69.

In relay action, Palo Alto Stanford's Ally Howe, Sarah Liang, Tosky and Schaefer won the women's 400 medley relay in 4:13.52, while SwimMAC's Kip Darmody, Tyler Fleming, Peter Brumm and Kyle Darmody claimed the men's 400 medley relay in 3:49.86.

Day Five Finals Results

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August 14, 2010 Amazing time for Morozov. He doesn't even look that big yet on the video, so the world is his oyster. Hope he gets citizenship by 2012!
Submitted by: liquidassets
August 14, 2010 He has 2 full years with Salo going into 2012. Provided he's given citizenship, I think it's a realistic scenario he's the signature US swimming athlete in the 2012 games. There's no bigger star than Phelps but look at this guy. Came to this country couple years ago not speaking English and is now well spoken and a great student. He's utterly perfect in the water and still growing. In 2 years we can be looking at a guy blowing the roof off the sport. Under 21.0, under 46.5, under 1:41. In textile. Mark these words: he'll be the best sprinter ever.
Submitted by: outside smoke
August 14, 2010 That's a pretty bold prediction outside smoke. It would be fun if it came true!

I'm still not positive he's going to swim for the US. He's spoken glowingly of his Russian coaches.
Submitted by: GigEmAggies
August 14, 2010 GigEmAggies,

Vlad was pretty adamant about representing the USA in the Olympics in his interview on "The Morning Swim Show" last May:
Submitted by: Jeff Commings
August 14, 2010 Also wanted to add that Vlad's time in the 50 would have been third at nationals...or fourth if you want to include Josh Schneider's time.

I hesitate to say it's the third (or fourth) fastest time swum by an American, since he's not an American citizen yet, but this is certainly going to catch the eye of those at USA Swimming who could help speed up Vlad's citizenship process.
Submitted by: Jeff Commings
August 14, 2010 After the comments Vlad made on The Morning Swim Show, I'm sure there's a major uproar in the Russian swimming community. Hey, you got Becky Hammon and we got Vlad. Sounds like a fair trade to me.
Submitted by: philipmj24
August 14, 2010 Smoke, don´t burn the kid early, please!46.5 and 1.41???Don´t kid yourself, kiddo.18 and fast become something common these days(Agnel,Isotov...), BUT we will see where he will go.

Good Job, Vlad.Keep it working.

Submitted by: MrIron
August 15, 2010 Was at the meet, small in comparison to all the other guys in his heats, hope he grows a little more.. Time will tell with this kid in terms of lofty time predictions by some, but he will definitely be better long course than short course because of his size (assuming he stays at the height he is.

I have heard he has not lifted any weights, but he is ripped by all definitions of the word. Not sure if lifting weights will do him any good, with the exception of making his start and turns even better.

Everything about his race is sickening, especially the outboard motor of kick he has and the height in the water at which he is swimming. As for the reaction time, it makes everyone else look like they are standing still. His starts were so fast, it made him look like he was false starting. He leaned so far over the edge of the block it looked like he was going to fall in. The new wedge on the block seemed to allow him to take advantage of some serious leg strength and not have to use much of his arms for the start.

Will be exciting to watch in the coming years, college will be interesting given the importance of size in SCY. One can only hope he gets the citizenship thing taken care of, otherwise spurning RUS will not help him in getting to the 2012 games.
Submitted by: HC_HLA
August 18, 2010 His reaction time off the block was the same as the guy in the lane next to him (both were fast). So, not sure how you thought it made everyone around him look like they were standing still.
Submitted by: LrdChaos3
August 18, 2010 Thanks for adding to the conversation, Lrd. I suppose I should have been a little more specific/accurate, I was watching and speaking about the prelim heat, my mistake. No one else was under .60, with the fastest being .63 in that heat if I remember correctly.

Anything about the swimmer himself, or just going to play chief editor...
Submitted by: HC_HLA
August 18, 2010 Don't get mad at me just because you can't recall events properly. The same swimmer was next to him in prelims, Vlad was .56 then and ok since you dont know who it is, Charlie Moore (the fastest American under 18) was .60. And then at finals, they were both .57.
Submitted by: LrdChaos3
Reaction Time responses do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions
of Swimming World Magazine or

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