The Morning Swim Show, Nov. 11, 2009: Emily Brunemann Talks About Returning to Collegiate Competition, Open-Water Debut Last Summer; Set of the Week Offers Up Challenging Butterfly Set -- November 11, 2009

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 11. NCAA champion Emily Brunemann joins today's edition of The Morning Swim Showm and the Set of the Week comes from a small college in Minnesota.

Brunemann, the NCAA champion in thw 1650 in 2008, talks about her return to collegiate swimming after redshirting last year, and how the competition is stacking up in the 1650 freestyle. She also talks about her first experience in open-water swimming and what she learned from the summer. Our Set of the Week comes from Peter Roe, who found the set of 60x25 butterfly in Minnesota and brought it to his group of Masters swimmers in Arizona. Watch the full show in the video player below and visit Swimming World.TV for more video interviews.

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